2023 Celebrate Clay Honoring 2022 Community Service Programs for Clay County

Participating organizations should denote the category in which their entry is to be considered. Please see Section II below to determine the category most appropriate for the service project that you are submitting. Final categories will be determined at the discretion of the Foundation.

Thirty (30) $1,000 Category Awards

  • 1.  Arts and Culture
  • 2.  Civic Community Service
  • 3.  Community Programs
  • 4.  Education and Literacy
  • 5.  Environment and Animal Welfare
  • 6.  Health and Human Services
  • 7.  Senior Services and Accomplishments
  • 8.  Church/Service Outreach Programs
  • 9.  Accomplishments by Youth
  • 10.  Service to Youth and Families

Ten (10) $2,000 Special Judges’ Program Awards

Ten $2,000 awards will be granted to individual organizations that the judges feel deserve special recognition for their efforts in 2022. All applicants will be considered regardless of their designated category.

Volunteers of the Year (including Peggy Bryan Outstanding Volunteer)

In honor of the most outstanding community volunteers of the year, two $3,500 and one $7,000 Peggy Bryan Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award will be presented. Organizations must submit their volunteer for recognition to be eligible. These awards will be considered independently of the Celebrate Clay program application. Organizations may be considered for both program and individual volunteer recognition.

ONE (1) Jack Myers Executive Director Award $7000

At the discretion of the judges, a $7,000 award may be presented to a nonprofit in honor of its executive director whose 2022 contribution to that nonprofit is deemed extraordinarily exceptional.

Two (2) $7,000 Judges’ Choice Program Awards

Two $7,000 awards will be granted to the two organizations that the judges believe have made significant contributions to the community and surpass goals and expectations during 2022.  All applicants will be considered regardless of their designated category.

ONE (1) Paul E. Reinhold Community Service Award $15,000

One $15,000 award will be granted to the organization which, in the opinion of the judges, carried out the most exceptional and notable community service project during 2022.  All applicants will be considered regardless of their designated category.   


Honoring 2022 Community Service Programs for Clay County

Every application should be submitted under a specific category to be eligible. The Reinhold Foundation will determine the final categories.

Arts and Culture

Organizations or programs which enhance and improve the quality of life in Clay County and promote participation, appreciation, and knowledge of the community, especially cultural elements such as arts, humanities, and the sciences.

Civic Community Service

Programs which promote civic engagement; good citizenship; an appreciation for rights, liberties, and cultural diversities; physical community betterment; a safer place to live; or commemoration and preservation of our community heritage.

Community Programs

Programs to assist the disadvantaged or less fortunate, designed to positively impact the welfare of Clay County citizens (school outreach programs, local government agencies, or private philanthropic organizations).

Education and Literacy

Programs which provide or support educational, vocational and/or career opportunities for any age.

Environment and Animal Welfare

Programs which promote appreciation, conservation, or restoration of air, land, and water; the welfare of animals; and/or activities designed to enhance natural or man-made environments.

Health and Human Services

Programs designed to prevent or combat disease, relieve physical or psychological affliction, or to provide support for those affected by such situations.

Accomplishments by or for Senior Citizens

Programs designed to meet the needs of the community's elderly population, and projects by seniors which enhance the lives of all ages within the community.

Church Service Programs

Outreach programs to assist the disadvantaged or less fortunate, designed to positively impact the welfare of Clay County citizens - projects must reach beyond membership of sponsoring church or service group.  (Identical to Community Programs except for initiator).

Accomplishments by Youth

Programs that enhance the development of youth as responsible community citizens, reward behavior, or recognize exceptional commitment to a project or to the development of a skill.

Service to Youth and Families

Programs or projects designed to enhance the quality of life for young people, to reinforce family values, and to strengthen relationship building  and communication skills.


These awards are intended to honor the truly extraordinary volunteers who go far beyond the norm to support, sustain, or enhance community service in Clay County. Dedication, vision, creativity, commitment, and effectiveness are all essential components. These awards may encompass more than one area of service.


Applications to honor professional executive directors may be submitted annually. This award will be presented at the discretion of the Celebrate Clay judges only when an executive renders such extraordinary services beyond its Executive Director job description that the health and progress of its organization are dramatically affected.


To be eligible for the program, your organization must meet the following criteria.

Designated as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with current evidence of nonprofit status, such as a 501 (c)(3) Form, IRS Determination Letter, etc., or letter of endorsement from sponsoring authority that in turn has said evidence. See proof of your 501 (c)(3) status for details on what to submit.

Based in the North Florida First Coast area, and fulfills one or more need(s) of the Clay County community.

Project for consideration must have been effective in the 2022 calendar year. Community Service is broadly defined as any activity which is of general benefit to the community and its citizens. The most significant factor is the quality of your activity in the specific service area and not the size or stature of your organization. Previous years' experiences with The Reinhold Foundation are not factored into current applications.


To participate in Celebrate Clay, please complete the Official 2023 Celebrate Clay Application and return it by the deadline below. No late applications will be accepted.


Applications must be received by

Tuesday,February 7, 2023.

Each application should describe the organization's community service activities and accomplishments in 2022. These activities may be of a continuing nature or special projects initiated, in progress, or completed in 2022. Any questions regarding Celebrate Clay should be directed to Amy Parker, 269-5857 Ext.404.

send to:

Amy Parker, Executive Director
The Paul E. and Klare N. Reinhold Foundation, Inc.
1845 Town Center Blvd., Suite 105
Fleming Island, FL 32003